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We’re having a summer sale on FF NFTs through to the end of August.
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Chapter Thirteen – Betrayer’s Moon
It’s finally time for the Betrayer’s Moon! Have the gang prepared in time?
Posted 5 August 2022

The NFT Drop

Fang Fatales is both STORY and NFT Drop. The story is free to everyone and released ongoing. It is accompanied by an NFT PFP drop featuring our main characters – Carlotta, Mindy, Morgana, Cassandra, and Nisha.






  • There are 10,000 unique NFTs. Each character has slightly different supply – see above. Nisha is the most rare!
  • Five unique monochrome 1/1s in the drop to be found!
  • Pre-sale mint price = 0.015 ETH. Mint is live!

Being a vampire isn’t all leather goth orgies and sneaking into hotties’ bedrooms at night as a mist. It can be those things but life for a modern vampire isn’t as carefree as back in the good old days.
It can be tough.
Everyone has a camera in their back pocket for starters and that makes staying on the down-low well hard, innit?
Vampires today have to be smart. It’s not just the risk of being put on blast across the Metaverse midway through your dinner behind the local pub either. Vampire hunters are the real deal and those Van Helsing mofos are always on the look-out. When they have you in their sights you’re in for a world of pain. 
And vamps aren’t as invincible as you might think either. Sure they can glamour the pants off you, have you clucking like a chicken or ready to punt yourself off a bridge but a well placed stake and they’re done for. Open the curtains on a sunny day and they’re toast.
And sometimes, when the moon comes up just so, they revert to their true form – dead. Dead as a dodo. And you know what a dead vampire is? Fucking helpless, that’s what.
So, what’s an immortal undead girl to do?
Trying to meet the woman of her dreams while staying one step ahead of social media influencers and monster-hunting nutters. It’s a bloody jungle out there.

The Vamps

Carlotta Dubois

Carlotta can confirm that Marie Antoinette never actually said that the people should eat cake. Although she did say on several occasions that all of them could do with taking a massive chill pill.

Nisha Patel

Put on her raving shoes and she boarded a plane. Actually, Nisha isn’t massively keen on flying but she is a big fan of raving and that track is one of her favourites. If you know, you know.

Mindy Cooper

Will borrow your things without asking. Probably won’t remember to return them. Will remain adorably unrepentant when confronted. Is almost impossible to stay mad at.

Morgana le Fay

Contrary to the persistent rumours, not actually a fairy herself although rather partial to them, especially dipped in honey and rolled in poppy seeds.

Fang Fatales Site Icon

Cassandra Troy

Yes, that Cassandra. No, she can’t tell you your future. She got that nonsense sorted out a while back. Why don’t you ask Apollo though? He doesn’t have much on these days.

The Roadmap

From 16 April

The Fang Fatales Story

Every Friday we release a new chapter in the unfolding Fang Fatales narrative. Free for everyone!

There are thirteen main chapters in this first series, and a number of side-vignettes.

22 May

Mint Opened

The NFT mint is now open, at a super low price of 0.002 ETH (+ gas).

Physical Merch Drop

Free Swag for the first 50 minters!

We will drop a sweet physical goodie bag (or box!) to the first 50 minters!

And beyond!

What comes next?

We have all sorts of things lined up in future for the project including:

  • A fresh new website!
  • More art drops to holders
  • More artist collabs!
  • The FF physical comic
  • FF audio book
  • And more…
  • Our ultimate goal would be to produce FF as a live action show. If anyone is up for this collab, or others, let us know!