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Chapter One – Bad Beginnings
Our adventure begins as Carlotta ventures out on an ill-fated film date.
Posted 16 April 2022

Chapter Two – House of Horrors
Carlotta spills the beans about her date. Much hilarity. Cassandra has a new favourite book. Morgana receives worrying portents in the bones.
Posted 23 April 2022

Chapter Three – Prophecy and Portent
The FF gang find troubling objects at home. Dark forces arrive to deliver a warning!
Posted 30 April 2022

Chapter Four – Quite the Predicament
Mindy reveals that she recently went on a date with Alina – a vampire hunter!
Posted 6 May 2022

Vignette – Gods and Monsters
Yorkshire, 1066 – Cassandra meets a very old ‘friend’ to sort out some unfinished business.
Posted 13 May 2022

Chapter Five – Thought and Memory
Mindy tries to smooth things over with a vampire hunter. Spoilers: It goes badly.
Posted 20 May 2022

Chapter Six – Relics
The search is on for potion ingredients in an effort to ensure Alina forgets the date ever happened.
Posted 27 May 2022

Vignette – Bride of the Mediterranean
Cassandra meets Cleopatra of Egypt.
Posted 3 June 2022

Chapter Seven – Sagittarius is in Asparagus
The vamps go looking for Chet, purveyor of magical things, to help them find Odinthought!
Posted 10 June 2022

Chapter Eight – The Nightmare Market
The vamps venture to the Nightmare Market and meet the mysterious Asmodean.
Posted 17 June 2022

Chapter Nine – When Paths Diverge
Carlotta must give over a piece of her own history in payment for services rendered.
Posted 24 June 2022

Chapter Ten – Eternity Lingers
Carlotta’s first steps as a vampire come at a tragic cost.
Posted 1 July 2022

Chapter Eleven – Preparations
The vamps come up with a plan to make Alina forget her date with Mindy.
Posted 8 July 2022

Vignette – Wannabe
A Spice Girls gig goes badly wrong for Mindy.
Posted 15 July 2022

Chapter Twelve – Boho City Rollers
The vamps join in on a roller derby match to dose Alina with the forgetful potion.
Posted 21 July 2022

Vignette – Prague
Carlotta, Morgana and Cassandra attend a fancy ball in Prague, in 1826.
Posted 29 July 2022

Chapter Thirteen – Betrayer’s Moon
It’s finally time for the Betrayer’s Moon! Have the gang prepared in time?
Posted 5 August 2022

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