NFTs and Collabs

NFTs and Collabs

Fang Fatales NFTs and Artist Collabs

This is a record of all official NFTs and artist collabs associated with the Fang Fatales project.

Fang Fatales Whitelist Announcement Poster

The first ever FF NFT! Minted in April 2022 to celebrate the opening of the FF Allow List (yes we f’d up by calling it Whitelist on the poster). Only 36 exist!

Fang Fatales 10k PFP Drop

This is the main set for Fang Fatales. 10,000 unique NFTs with algorithmically generated art featuring the characters from the FF ongoing story. Release date: 16 May 2022

Unique Character 1/1s15 (these are token IDs 1-15)
Monochrome 1/1s5

Fang Fatales x Kokeshi Dolls

This is an exclusive promotional set of Kawaii Kokeshi Dolls to tie in to the official launch of the Fang Fatales mint in May 2022. There are 6 unique 1/1 dolls in this set, each corresponding to the main characters in the FF universe. These were drawn by the awesome Paq85NFT and given away to FF OGs who minted during the Allowlist period.

Kokeshi DollWon by
Carlotta (with Dracula)nftcgn
Morgana (with Huggin and Minnin)DerfAbides

Fang Fatales x MoonSpark Godesses

This an exclusive promotional pair of NFTs drawn by the very talented ptiteangele.eth aka Angie Mathot. These NFTs are part of her MoonSparks Godessess 1/1 collection and were custom made to represent our characters – Cassandra and Cleopatra – from the FF Vignette “Bride of the Mediterranean.” Coming Soon!

Fang Fatales x Dimon Dolls

This is an exclusive promotional set of Dimon Dolls to tie in to the release of the FF Vignette “Prague”. Coming Soon! There are 10 unique 1/1 dolls in this set, each corresponding to Demons in the FF universe, drawn by the amazing HorizonSet.